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Paraffin (Wax) Prevention & Control using NWF-CPRS Tool

Nevadic offers bespoke technology solution that enable our clients prevent the deposition of paraffin (wax) in oil and gas production and water systems. For oil wells with persistent paraffin (wax) deposition problem, deploying our NWF-CPRS wax inhibiting tool & technology eliminates the need for frequent and costly hot oil treatment, mechanical removal (using scrapers and cutters), heating of production tubing with electricity as well as solvent cum dispersant application.

Sand Management Services

Nevadic solutions for sand management services include non-intrusive acoustic sand monitoring system. We provide sensors, controllers and software that have been proven to be industry leaders in the quality of service they provide on the field for operating oil and gas companies. We are circumspect when choosing our partnering OEMs in order to consistently guarantee reliability and performance of the systems we deploy to our esteemed clients who deserve nothing less than the very best.

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