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Synthetic Fuel Conditioner/Additive

Nevadic supplies bespoke 100% synthetic fuel conditioners/additives for diverse industrial and automotive applications. The fuel conditioners/additives offer the following value propositions:

1. Lowers fuels costs by promoting clean combustion with increased efficiency (puts money back in client’s pocket!)

2. Protects the diesel, LPFO and HPFO engines against failures caused by fuel system deposits thereby increasing engine service intervals and life span of fuel-related parts of the engine

3. Reduces harmful exhaust gas emissions including particulate matter (PM), CO, NOx and SOx.

In more details, the NEVADIC diesel fuel additive has the following capabilities:

1. Integrates oxygen into fuel
2. Cleans fuel system
3. Disperses suspended water in fuel
4. Stabilizes fuel
5. Adds lubricity
6. Raises the cetane number
7. Lowers pour points
8. Prevents gelling and sludge
9. Reduces emissions including DPM

For the purpose of treating diesel fuel, 1 part of the additive is suggested to treat 2,000 parts of your diesel fuel. This dosage ratio can be varied depending on how ‘dirty’ the diesel is.